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Rage Quit Sounds and FX

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We know that gamers and geeks sometimes have a hard time expressing themselves and have difficulty in showing emotion. That’s why gamers, young and old need Rage Quit Sounds and FX.You know how mad you get when you get pwned by that tea-bagging grandma and you end up at the bottom of the leader board. Now you can have a secret weapon with Rage Quit Sounds and FX. You’ll be able to disorient, distract and then destroy your opponent and your newbie teammates by employing these super sonic sounds phrases and FX over your headset mic, in your most critical game play sessions. They make awesome ringtones too!
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REMINDER: With so many sounds, this app may take several minutes to download. It's totally worth the wait!
Function List (depending on your device)-Set sound as ringtone-Set sound as alert-Set sound as notification-Set sound for personalized contact tone-Downloadable -Share via email, text, bluetooth-Shuffle mode (in mp3 player mode)-Repeat current, repeat all (in mp3 player mode)
The App includes:
• Commands – Motivate your team or not so graciously demonstrate your team’s inadequacies. Includes phrases like: “Pull the newbs over here so we can merk them!” “Cover me!” “Mom pizza now! And “I said squad, move out!”
• Droppin Bomb$ - You’ll be attracting new gamer friends and some twink-like rep with these fine tuned smart bombs you can drop into your pregame trash talk. In voiceover and cartoon character like voices, you can drop some bombs with phrases like: “Your girlfriend is just my friend?” “Let me guess, you live in your mom’s basement?” and “Chuck Norris will sh!# on you!”
• Grunts and Shouts – Professionally performed, awkward rage shouts, nerd screeches and some human and not so human sounds that will remind you of the first time you went #2 in a busy airport bathroom. Includes: Barf Noise, Geek Screech, Alone in a Big Bathroom, Throat Fart and more auditory oddities that will inspire your best gameplay.
• Nerd Rage Rants – It’s our specialty and we’re well acquainted with what this sounds like (not that we’ve ever done it). Nerd Rage Rants are LEET level, custom crafted, short soliloquies for gamers that help disorient and slay your enemy, or explain your lagging, team dragging, and bottom of the scoreboard pushing performance. With this App, you’ll win every time!
ScenarioGetting pwned? The scrubs are doggin on your game play and you’re on the verge of rage quitting? Don’t do it, instead, turn to Rage Quit Revenge Sounds and FX.
Grab your mobile device. Open the App and in your pregame trash talk, simply play your favorite Rage Quit sounds over your headset mic. Boom! Sit back and relax and your LAN party buddies will get the message… you rule. Keep calm and carry on. With Rage Quit Sounds and FX you can blame it on the App!
A total of 52 phrases, sounds and FX, professionally produced with voice over, cartoon character and natural expressions. That’s one for every week so you can stay fresh with your nerdy gamer comebacks for a whole year or have a new ringtone each week.
No one likes getting mad. Don’t loose your self-control. Keep your MLG composure and let Rage Quit Sounds and FX do the talking for you. After all… you can blame it on the App. Game Over!
Rage Quit Sounds and FX is # 2 in our Sounds and FX App series.